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Nothing short of an idle game, but it's too zoomed in; I can not see the currency.

136 moves :D (game B)! This was fun and challenging, but not frustratingly so.

I like the concept and the environment it is delivered in.
I also like the art style, but the overuse of the watercolor tool made it lack definition, and so everything looks very blobby, like the cursor. Finally, from the lack of content, is there more to this, or is it a demo of sorts?

randomalo responds:

Thanks, it means a lot ! This was made as a small bonus game for my (just as short) submition for the meditationsgame project (a project where a 1minute-game based on personal experience is playable each day of the year, only for one day)
So the other part of the game is not playable until next year unfortunately. But some guy made a let's play of it here https://twitter.com/regisRquoi/status/1120358592920657920

I like the concept, the only thing is that the hitboxes are too small, so they are hard to press.

Aesthetics: heck yeah/10
Mechanics: 6/10, could use some reworking
Still really good!

CraftyPapeartGames responds:

Hey, thanks! Glad you liked it! :)

Too hard I guess? I couldn't beat difficulty 5, maybe I'm just bad.

AlexDeviator responds:

Nah. You are wrong, good sir :)
The thing is you probably misread the rules, or they are not clear enough - it happened for some other players. For the 0-5% difficulty you can simply eliminate all infected with just holding RMB over them and eventually picking up some power-ups. This strategy will easily lead you to victory, but won't give any points. At this point Bots aren't really needed.
For the next round you can try curing only some of the infected (red, reen or blue) with color-relevant vaccine selected by clicking LMB, and RMB-ing the others. This will give you a 100-150 points victory even without Yellow station's upgrades.
The next thing you know you dominating the 15% like no big deal ;)

Very slow, great otherwise.

Is there a way to save, or is not being able to do that part of the game/survey?

Really good graphics, simple yet engaging gameplay, but the superdash is basically an insta-death.

emrys95 responds:

Glad you enjoyed it! I admit the Superdash is kinda tough, but you can totally learn how to be safe in using it. I'm also working on making it more predictable/automatically safe, without making it too safe.

Enemies are op and come too fast.
(5000 clicks later, first boss.)
(20000 clicks and 40 minutes later, final boss.)

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